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BIM-based shop drawings

BIM-based shop drawings

From the digital model directly to your construction site

We focus on cost-efficient structures via the most elaborate execution planning possible. We use a BIM method as a standard. Experienced designers develop our plans in 3D and then qualified project managers review them in accordance with our internal quality management.

The standard modeling of structures in 3D results in numerous construction advantages. An interdisciplinary clash detection is carried out parallel to the normal planning process during the early planning phases. The 3D BIM model allows us to find all conflicts and discrepancies between disciplines in the formwork planning and solve them at an early stage. All built-in parts are integrated into the 3D BIM model during the formwork planning and can be exported from the model into any tabular form and compiled for efficient ordering. If desired, we can also take component-related volumes directly from the model to enable the ordering of concrete.

The same 3D model is used to design the formwork and the reinforcement. The designer can thus ensure that the reinforcement is carried out correctly and that the reinforcement components can be implemented at the construction site accurately. Of course, the true geometries of the built-in parts are also taken into account during the reinforcement implementation. Additionally, the transition from 3D models to conventional 2D reinforcement plans are facilitated via a large number of sections, perspectives, and, if required, isometrics. Additional in-depth 3D models and detailed drawings can be provided for specific, complicated elements such as reinforcement nodes, composite beams, etc. Thanks to 3D BIM planning, any quantity of building materials can be exported directly from the model in addition to the standard quantities.


  • Formwork plans
  • Reinforcement plans
  • Shell plans
  • Element plans
  • Steel layout plans
  • Workshop drawings for steel constructions
  • Workshop drawings for steel constructions
  • Construction plans for timber structures
  • As-built plans
  • All execution plans for building constructions and civil engineering
  • IFC models for execution planning
  • Collision checks
  • Consultations and optimization of execution planning